Wednesday, July 8, 2009

promis to post

soory i havent posted in a few days, and i cant rate now. miss you love hanna

Saturday, July 4, 2009

first 2 ministry days

day 1: we went to a boys orphanage and helped clean around the rooms and kitchens. i helped clean the little boys rooms and i felt so bad. there were cocroached EVERYWHERE! it was so sad. it was also very HOT in there rooms. we did get to play with the kids and they were so cute. that night during our service Suzie spoke about how to get the ultimate relationship with God. it was so powerful. then we had ¨club sweatsalot¨ were everyone had the option of going and dancing. it was SO much fun. Day 2: today we went to a small market in Antigua, Guatemala (same town as our hotel) we performed our drama once in the morning once after lunch. after the first performance i took our bubbles and played with the little boys in the village. they REALLY love bubbles. after lunch we performed again and there wernt as many people there. we did the performance and most people left rate after. i saw this young man (i think in his 20s) sitting alone. i wanted to talk to him but my espanol es muy mal, but then a translator asked if i wanted to talk to him. i went over and explained the drama and he accepted jesus into his heart. it was so amazing. i also gave him a copy of the spanish new testament and i really hope he grows strong in christ. i love and miss ya´ll (1 of my room mates is from texas) hanna

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Longest day of my LIFE

so today i woke up at 3am, was in the lobby by 4, at the airport by 4:30. through baggage security and boreded by 8. then i flew to CostaRica by9 (2 hour time change so really 11) next flight and landed in Guatemala by 1pm. we got to the hotel by 3. i was asleep from 3:30-5:45. we had dinner and now were getting ready for service. Tommorrow my team goes to an orphanage, and we will do a work project there. Adios Hanna

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

drama drama drama.

for once in my life all the DRAMA is a good thing. Ive been here for 3 days (2 nights) we fly to Guatemala Tomorrow, and i have to be in the hotel lobby at 4 am! that's EARLY!! but I'm having so much fun. I'm a mime in the skit were doing "Spellbound: the Toy maker's son" (i think if you want to see it you can watch it on YouTube. rate this second I'm heading to Language training, and i know a lot more than i thought i did. I'm loving my room mates (Stephanie and Lacie) and my team (way to many to name...40 people including leaders.) i cannot wait to perform the drama. its 20 minutes long, and we had to learn it in 1 day. this morning we worked on perfecting it and we have more practice later. i love and miss everybody. Love Hanna

Monday, June 29, 2009

i have arrived.

joy and i are currently in Fort Lauterdale, Fl. I have met one of my room mates and we are currently waiting for our room key (were like one of the last rooms to get the key ;P go figure) i cannot wait to meet the rest of my team and get settled in. i WILL have Internet access in Guatemala (as far as i know) and i will update as much as possible. Love Hanna.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

living the dream.

We left on Tuesday. we rove over a thousand miles throuh 7 states in two days. our first stop was georgia, we stayed tuesday night, then wednesday we headed for Orlando, Florida. e stayed in orlando for 3 days (wednesday, thursday, Friday) and had a truely magical time (Disney ;)). Now we are staying in a place in Napels, FLorida. (thankyou mr Oxley). we are driving to Miami on Moday, and i cannot wait to meet everyone. please pray for Joy and I as we g down to Guatemala. ♥♥Hanna

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ready or Not

my family is leaving TOMMORROW for florida. we are going to stop at sea world and bush gardens while were down there, but we are leaving in less than 24 hours. i still need to do some last minute packing and shopping but then were gone. i feel like im going to wake up and its going to be september 4, 2008 (the first day of school) again because this past year feels like a dream. i cannot wait to see how God is going to work in everyone's lives. keep praying ♥♥Hanna